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Effects of morroniside on the expression of the TIMP in peri-infarct cortex after cerebral ischemia-reperfusion in rats
  XIANG Ben-xu,SUN Fang-ling,LIU Ting-ting,AI Hou-xi,GUO De-yu,WANG Yu-feng,TIAN Xin,ZHU Zi-xin,ZHENG Wen-rong and WANG Wen
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):1-6 [Abstract]  [View PDF(838.48 K)]
Effect of shou wu fang on amino acids neurotransmitters in levodopa-induced dyskinesia model rats
  LIU Yang,JIAO Yue,SUN Dan-dan,WANG Dan-qiao,ZHAO Xiao-liang,LI Tao and ZHANG Mei-yu
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):7-13 [Abstract]  [View PDF(852.28 K)]
The effect of chronic corticosterone administration on depressive-like behaviour and synapsin-1 expression in mice
  SUN Xiu-ping,YANG Jiu-shan,XU Yang-feng,XU Yu-huan,SONG Ming-jing and QIN Chuan
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):14-18 [Abstract]  [View PDF(798.44 K)]
Effects of low molecular weight heparin sodium adjuvant on humoral immune response induced by Hepatitis A virus vaccine in mice
  WANG Wei,YU Bing-ting,LI Jian-fang,LI Yan-han,LIU Li-jun and HU Ning-zhu
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):19-24 [Abstract]  [View PDF(932.94 K)]
Establishment of brain death model for rabbits in a modified way by increasing intracranial pressure and maintaining the state of brain death
  PAN Yi-peng,LIU Yu,LI Ming and REN Xiu-yun
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):25-28 [Abstract]  [View PDF(688.79 K)]
Effect of dietary nutrient level on the growth and feed utilization of Mugilogobius chulae
  WEI Yuan-zheng,LIN Zhong-ting,LI Jian-jun and YE Hui-xin
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):29-36 [Abstract]  [View PDF(840.46 K)]
Study on the intestinal morphology and energy demands in Mongolian gerbil
  LI Wei,LU Ling-qun,HUANG He-ru,LOU Qi,SHI Qiao-juan and SA Xiao-ying
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):37-41 [Abstract]  [View PDF(690.69 K)]
A comparative study on influence of cartilagemetabolism factors onknee osteoarthritis experimental model with acupuncture, warm needle acupuncture and electro-acupuncture
  CHEN Yi-dan,QIU Hua-ping,JIN Xiao-qing and PENG Fang
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):42-45,64 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.37 M)]
Protective effect of ginkgo biloba extract on mouse with parkinson's disease induced by MPTP
  LI Jin-feng,XU Gui-mei,ZHANG Chen-zi,FEI Fan,YANG Lin,DAI Lu-lu,SUN Xia and KUANG Shao-song
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):46-53 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.06 M)]
Correlation analysis on the blood pressure and body temperature of congenital cataract rat
  TIAN Xiao-yun,YOU Jin-wei,DONG-Min,FANG-Tian,Liu Jie and YUN Shi-feng
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):54-57 [Abstract]  [View PDF(732.21 K)]
High fat high purine diet combined oteracil potassium induced quail glucose and lipid metabolic disorders and complications
  ZHANG Yan,MA Ling-man,Sarah Wambui Amadi and WU Guan-zhong
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):58-64 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1014.16 K)]
Histopathological observation of renal arterial embolization with microspheres in beagle dog
  QIU Bo,WANG Yan,YING Yong,QU Hui-jin,WANG Shao-yan,WANG Feng-qian and HU Jian-ting
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):65-68 [Abstract]  [View PDF(832.65 K)]
The influence of footshock stress duration on anxiety-like behavior in rats
  GENG Ting-ting,WANG Ting-ting,JIANG Jin-feng,XU Wang-fang and RONG Chang-bao
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):69-72 [Abstract]  [View PDF(693.26 K)]


Keys in constructing osteosarcoma model of mouse
  FU Ce-gang,ZEN Yan,ZHAO Hong-wei,LIU Yang,XIAO Yun-xiang and CHEN Hai-dan
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):73-75 [Abstract]  [View PDF(744.11 K)]


Application of diethylnitrosamine in induced-liver cancer mouse model
  ZHAO Tong and LI Bai
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):76-80 [Abstract]  [View PDF(701.39 K)]
Progress for alternatives methods predict the embrytoxicity by embryonic stem cell test
  CHENG Shu-jun,Shu-jun,YU Huan and CHEN Yu
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):81-85 [Abstract]  [View PDF(700.03 K)]


  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):86-88 [Abstract]  [View PDF(657.61 K)]


  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):89 [Abstract]  [View PDF(641.58 K)]
  Published 1月 10日, 2016
  2016,26(1):90 [Abstract]  [View PDF(643.78 K)]