Volume 26,Issue 11,2016 Table of Contents

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Study on the expression of Growth Hormone gene in different tissues and different growth stages of Tibet-minipigs
  TIAN Yu-guang,WANG Yu-jue and YUE Min
  2016,26(11):1-5 [Abstract]  [View PDF(750.09 K)]
Investigation on life span of presenilin-1/presenilin-2 conditional double knockout mice
  TANG Hong,TANG Xiao-qin,DENG Fei,LI Xin,CHEN Bo,TANG Ming-xi and RUAN Si-bei
  2016,26(11):6-10 [Abstract]  [View PDF(678.95 K)]
The influence of Bcl-2 inhibitor on the alleviation action of astragalus injection on apoptosis of hippocamal neurons of rats induced by hypoxia/hypoglycemia and reoxygenation
  DONG Ya-jie,GAO Wei-juan,QIAN Tao,LU Kai-feng,ZHU Yan-jie and XIE Ya-qine
  2016,26(11):11-17 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1004.32 K)]
Depressive-like behavior of male and female rats induced by restraint stress with different restraint duration
  ZHANG Bei-yue,LU Cong,DONG Li-ming,XU Pan,HE Yi-ran,SHI Jin-li and LIU Xin-min
  2016,26(11):18-23 [Abstract]  [View PDF(632.44 K)]
Effects of salvianolic acid A on heart rate variability and myocardial injury in myocardial ischemia reperfusion injured rats
  WANG Mu-lan,PAN Yong-ming,JIN Min,XU Xiao-ping,WANG De-jun,MA Quan-xin and CHEN Min-li
  2016,26(11):24-30 [Abstract]  [View PDF(883.88 K)]
The mechanism and protective effect of miR-29c on cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats
  YE Bei,LI Man,CHEN Jian-zhen,HE Fang,ZHANG Liguang
  2016,26(11):31-37 [Abstract]  [View PDF(867.00 K)]
Study on SOD, MDA and IL-6 in a rat model of acute pulmonary edema
  WANG Juan,JIA He-lei,JI Hong-liang,REN Dong-dong and LU Chang-qing
  2016,26(11):38-42 [Abstract]  [View PDF(763.09 K)]
Experimental study of Jiawei Danshen Yin on the differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into myocardium-like cells in vitro
  HAN Xi-yan
  2016,26(11):43-48,5 [Abstract]  [View PDF(835.18 K)]
Effect of siRNA silencing Bmi-1 gene on cell proliferation of cervical cancer cells
  ZHANG Dong-li,WANG Wei and ZHANG Hong-xia
  2016,26(11):49-54 [Abstract]  [View PDF(838.87 K)]
Inhibitory effect of miR-34a on the proliferation of breast cancer cell by targeting Notch1
  GAO Yan-chun
  2016,26(11):55-60 [Abstract]  [View PDF(805.48 K)]
Effect of miR-34a on the biological behavior of breast cancer cell by Notch signal pathway
  WANG Lei
  2016,26(11):61-65 [Abstract]  [View PDF(795.93 K)]
The effect of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) on the regulation of CD4+CD25+Treg/Th17 balance in the prevention and treatment of experimental autoimmune cerebrospinal meningitis (EAE)
  YANG Yuan,YUAN Zheng-zhou,LV Zhi-yu,ZHANG Shu-jiang,LI Xiao-hong and LI Zuo-xiao
  2016,26(11):66-71,54 [Abstract]  [View PDF(800.04 K)]
Expression of microRNA-97a and TGF-β1 protein in myocardium of spontaneously hypertensive rats and its significance
  ZHENG Jing
  2016,26(11):72-76 [Abstract]  [View PDF(725.07 K)]


A four combined holder for tail vein puncture in conscious rats: design, construction and feasibility testing
  BAO Li-zhi,GUO Zhi-fu,SHEN Ming,LI Ran,CHEN Ting,YU Yun-hua,ZHAO Xian-xian and ZHENG Xing
  2016,26(11):77-79 [Abstract]  [View PDF(665.44 K)]
Effects of different sample process modes on blood biochemical indicator detection in Wistar rats
  ZHU Ke-yan,CAI Yue-qin,XU Xiao-ping,CHEN Cheng,MA Quan-xin and CHEN Min-li
  2016,26(11):80-84,94 [Abstract]  [View PDF(749.37 K)]


Drosophila as a model to study genetics of cardiac aging
  HU Yong-yan and KONG Shen-shen
  2016,26(11):85-89 [Abstract]  [View PDF(658.04 K)]
Regulation of the response to stress-related disorders by Fkbp51
  ZHANG Ling-ling,QIU Bin,YANG Zhi-wei and YONG Wei-dong
  2016,26(11):90-94 [Abstract]  [View PDF(691.59 K)]