Volume 27,Issue 10,2017 Table of Contents

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Study on the effect of single dose intraosseous injection of simvastatin on tumor vascular normalization in murine breast cancer
  HAI Bao, LIU Can, ZHANG Wen, ZHU Jun-xiong, CAO Bao-shan and SONG Chun-li
  2017,27(10):1-6 [Abstract]  [View PDF(842.15 K)]
Effects of different samples and methods on the determination of blood biochemical indexes in rats
  LI Ying, CUI Xiao-xia, SHANG Shi-chen, ZHAO Quan, LI Gui-jun, WANG Dong-ping and CHEN Zhen-wen
  2017,27(10):7-9 [Abstract]  [View PDF(629.88 K)]
Phenotypic characterization of PMA-induced THP-1 macrophages analyzed by flow cytometry
  PENG Zhuo-ying, LI Xiang, CONG Zhe and XUE Jing
  2017,27(10):10-15,22 [Abstract]  [View PDF(977.68 K)]
Differential proteomic analysis of liver tissues between male and female C57BL/6J mice by 2D-DIGE
  RONG Zhuo-na, LI Hui-ling, DONG Peng-hui, FAN Ting-ting, LI Juan, ZHAO Yi, WANG Fu-jin, WANG Ai-guo and WANG Jing-yu
  2017,27(10):16-22 [Abstract]  [View PDF(754.15 K)]
Effect of Mac-1 deficiency on the tumor growth of melanoma in mice
  CHEN Jian, DUAN You-fa, YE Zhi-jin, WANG Li-jing and ZHANG Qian-qian
  2017,27(10):23-27 [Abstract]  [View PDF(750.03 K)]
1α,25(OH)2D3 regulates expression of lubricin of chondrocytes in rat articular cartilage
  NIU Guo-dong, LI Si-wei, LIU Zhong-jun, SONG Chun-li and LENG Hui-jie
  2017,27(10):28-33,39 [Abstract]  [View PDF(874.28 K)]
Observation of the articular cartilage of osteoarthritis in SIRT1 gene knock-out mice through single staining and compound staining
  YU Hong-yan, YANG Zhan-dong, YANG Qi and YU Fei
  2017,27(10):34-39 [Abstract]  [View PDF(771.63 K)]
Effect of salvianolic acid A on retinopathy and its mechanism in ZDF rats
  MA Quan-xin, CHEN Xiao-zhen, RONG Yi-li, HUANG Jun-jie, ZHU Ke-yan, CHEN Cheng, SHI Jia-jun, LI Yuan-yuan and CHEN Min-li
  2017,27(10):40-46 [Abstract]  [View PDF(876.15 K)]
Synergism and attenuation effects of Pini Pollen on paclitaxel and cisplatine chemotherapy
  ZHAO Xue-you, GONG Ping, SUN Tong and MA Yu-kui
  2017,27(10):47-50 [Abstract]  [View PDF(629.46 K)]
Establishment of rat models of fever and shivering in different degrees
  WU Dong-mei, ZHENG Cui-hong, WU Guan-hong and LI Hua-ping
  2017,27(10):51-54 [Abstract]  [View PDF(629.86 K)]
Exposure to vanadium promotes primary cultured rat microglial inflammation and migration
  YU Xiao-wei, HU Chu-yuan and XIONG Zhi-jun
  2017,27(10):55-59 [Abstract]  [View PDF(746.69 K)]
Isolation and identification of exosomes of CD4+T cells in mice
  ZHANG Wei-xin and ZENG Zhong
  2017,27(10):60-64 [Abstract]  [View PDF(737.18 K)]
Surveillance and analysis of virus antibodies in conventional rabbits and guinea pigs in Guangdong Province during 2014-2016
  WU Rui-ke, WANG Jing, PAN Jin-chun, LI Xiu-zhen, Chen Mei-ling, HUANG Shu-wu and MIN Fan-gui
  2017,27(10):65-68 [Abstract]  [View PDF(624.59 K)]
Microbiological and parasitological investigation of experimental minipigs in Guangdong province
  HUANG Shu-wu, MIN Fan-gui, WU Rui-ke, CHEN Mei-ling, WANG Xi-long and PAN Jin-chun
  2017,27(10):69-73,79 [Abstract]  [View PDF(698.50 K)]
Effect of miR-424 on migration and invasion of non-small cell lung cancer cells A549
  WANG Sheng, XIONG Fei and KAI Jin-dan
  2017,27(10):74-79 [Abstract]  [View PDF(784.09 K)]
Effect of silencing MACC1 gene on proliferation and invasion of cervical cancer cells
  DU Zhen, CHEN Zhi-mei, ZHOU Dao-qiu and HUANG Jie-ping
  2017,27(10):80-84 [Abstract]  [View PDF(703.47 K)]


Advances in research on the role of T cell subsets in ventricular remodeling
  GU Wen-chao, ZHOU Xiao-hui, LIN Fang and FAN Hui-min
  2017,27(10):85-88 [Abstract]  [View PDF(635.09 K)]
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-associated gene mutations and ALS animal models
  ZHANG Li and ZHANG Lian-feng
  2017,27(10):89-95 [Abstract]  [View PDF(696.44 K)]
Research progress on preparation of rat models of acute myocardial infarction
  CAO Jue, LI Yi-kui, CHEN Meng-qian and YAO Kui-wu
  2017,27(10):96-100 [Abstract]  [View PDF(647.58 K)]
The application analysis of alternative method in cosmetics asssessment
  CHENG Shu-Jun, QIN Yao, KE YI-Hui, CHEN Zhi-Jie and HUANG Jian-cong
  2017,27(10):101-106 [Abstract]  [View PDF(661.26 K)]
Genetic pharmacology of individual differences in morphine analgesia
  YANG Yin and MENG Ai-min
  2017,27(10):107-112 [Abstract]  [View PDF(684.39 K)]
Research progress of humanized mouse models in immune system
  LIAN Jing-yao, DING Miao-hui, QIN Guo-hui, ZHANG yi and WANG Chun-yao
  2017,27(10):113-119 [Abstract]  [View PDF(714.29 K)]


Biosafety hazard of laboratory animals in medical colleges and its prevention and control
  HAN Zhi-gang, ZHANG Qian, HAN Wen-li and TAN Dong-mei
  2017,27(10):120-122 [Abstract]  [View PDF(608.47 K)]
Application of mutated inbred animal models in the experimental teaching of medical genetics
  TANG Zuo-qing, HUO Xue-yun, HAN Yu-ying, WANG Jing, YE Hai-hong, ZHAO Tian, LI Zhen-kun and CHEN Zhen-wen
  2017,27(10):123-126 [Abstract]  [View PDF(636.68 K)]