Study on SOD,MDA and IL-6 in lung tissue of rats with acute pulmonary edema
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KeyWord:Acute pulmonary edema,Rat model,Malondialdehyde,Superoxide dismutase,Interleukin 6
王娟 河南中医药大学
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      Objective: To investigate the Interleukin 6(IL-6),superoxide dismutase(SOD)and malondialdehyde (MDA) in lung tissue of acute pulmonary edema in rat model induced by acute hypoxia,and to investigate its pathophysiological significance. Methods: 48 adult Wistar rats,body weight (200?0) g,were randomly divided into group A (normal group),group B (model of acute pulmonary edema,hypoxia for 24h),group C (model of acute pulmonary edema,hypoxia for 48h),group D(model of acute pulmonary edema,hypoxia for 72h) .Establish the model of acute pulmonary edema in group B,C,D rats by intraperitoneal injection of 6% ammonium chloride,after the success of the modeling of 24 hours,48 hours,72 hours,were B,C,the rats of group D,isolated from rat plasma,removal of rat lung,the preparation of 10% lung homogenate,MDA,SOD,IL-6 and IL-6 activity in lung tissue.and plasma.were detected by ELISA content. Results: Group B,C,D were significantly increased in lung tissue and wet weight,wet weight was significantly increased,compared with the A group (P=0.046,0.021,0.009).The lung tissue of A group had no obvious congestion and edema,and the morphology of lung tissue was normal.Pulmonary edema,interstitial spaces,alveolar and thin bronchial fluid filled with proteins in group B,C,D,and the alveolar membrane was formed by a transparent membrane.The lung tissue congestion and edema in group D were the most obvious.Group B compared with group A,lung tissue MDA,IL-6 increased and SOD decreased,but the difference was not statistically significant (P>0.05),with the extended time of pulmonary edema in group C and D,in the lung tissues of rats with MDA,IL-6 and SOD and A group compared to change significantly,the difference was statistically significant (P>0.05). B,C,D group of IL-6 in rat plasma and compared with the group A increased obviously,the difference was statistically significant (P>0.05). Conclusion: the incidence of acute pulmonary edema and oxidative stress related,decrease antioxidant capacity of organism,increased free radical is an important mechanism of pulmonary edema,SOD,MDA and IL-6 in the lung tissue have the guiding content on the changes of disease.
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