Investigation on life span of presenilin-1/presenilin-2 conditional double knockout mice
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KeyWord:dKO mice  Conditional knockout  Mice  Life span
唐明希 西南医科大学
唐晓琴 西南医科大学附属医院
阮思蓓 西南医科大学
李昕 西南医科大学
陈波 西南医科大学
唐红 西南医科大学
邓飞 南方医科大学附属深圳医院
杨朝鲜 西南医科大学
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      Objective To analyze the survival curves of presenilin-1/presenilin-2 conditional double knockout mice (dKO mice), and provide a reference for further breeding of this strain of mice and studying the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Methods dKO mice (50 females and 30 males) and wild-type controls (20 females and 20 males) were included in this study. The survival of all the mice was observed under the same condition of feeding and nutrition for two years. Life span of each mouse was calculated, survival curves were drawn, and their survival was analyzed. Results With the passing of time, the survival probability was decreased in dKO mice. The survival probabilities of female and male dKO mice were significantly worse than that of wild-type controls, respectively (P <0.001, P <0.001; P <0.001, P <0.001). No significant difference was observed between the males and females of dKO mice. Conclusions Double knockout presenilin-1 and presenilin-2 genes may shorten the life span of mice, but there is no significant gender difference between the males and females of dKO mice.
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