Fucosylation and multidrug resistance of tumors
Received:April 21, 2022  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1671-7856. 2023. 01. 014
KeyWord:fucosylation; fucosylation inhibitors; multidrug resistance; malignant tumor
冯 博 齐齐哈尔医学院药学院,黑龙江 齐齐哈尔
刘姿宇 齐齐哈尔医学院药学院,黑龙江 齐齐哈尔
李 月 齐齐哈尔医学院药学院,黑龙江 齐齐哈尔
刘立琨 齐齐哈尔医学院医药科学研究院,黑龙江 齐齐哈尔
岳丽玲 齐齐哈尔医学院医药科学研究院,黑龙江 齐齐哈尔
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      Fucosylation is one of the most common glycosylation modifications that is closely related to the occurrence, development, and prognosis of cancer. A change in fucosyltransferase correlations with tumor multidrug resistance has been reported. Multidrug resistance of tumor cells is a major factor affecting chemotherapy efficacy, which often leads to a poor therapeutic effect and prognosis. This review focuses on the relationship between fucosyltransferase family members and their catalytic fucosylation modification and tumor multidrug resistance, briefly summarizes the therapeutic effect of fucosylation inhibitors on tumors, and describes fucosylation analogues as fucosylation inhibitors that may be potential drugs to reverse tumor multidrug resistance. This article provides a basis for fucosylation modification as a drug target to reverse and sensitize tumor drug resistance.
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