Role of anti-Siglec-15 in non-small cell lung cancer
Received:June 21, 2022  
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DOI:10. 3969 / j.issn.1671-7856. 2023. 01. 019
KeyWord:ICIs; Siglec-15; NSCLC
李延康 包头市中心医院内蒙古医科大学包头临床医学院心胸外科,内蒙古 包头
贺钢枫 包头市中心医院内蒙古医科大学包头临床医学院心胸外科,内蒙古 包头
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      As a newly discovered ICI, Siglec-15 is widely expressed in various tumor cell types, and PD-1/ PD-L1 expressions is mutually exclusive. Siglec-15 may be a new therapeutic target for PD-1/ PD-L1 as a treatment option for patients who do not respond to therapy. This review discusses the recent research of the characteristic pathways of Siglec- 15, its involvement in immune regulation mechanisms, and its tumor-related expression. Clinical application of an anti- Siglec-15 antibody was analyzed, and the therapeutic prospect of Siglec-15 for NSCLC treatment is discussed.
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